Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Couple New Designs

Thought I'd post a couple of pictures from the two nights of storms we experienced in five days--but the camera wasn't where I thought it was.'s a picture of the plan for Alex's Star Song quilt--I didn't finish it until I arrived at the cabin, and now I have a shortage of music notes fabric.  We bought some irregular black on white polka dots to supplement it, but I may wait until we get to a quilt shop.  Hmmmm....thinking about that.
I used the same plan with a few blocks shifted and moved for the Butternut & Blue quilt--but so far, I have only one block for that one completed.
I did finish quilting the Tea & Roses quilt--but don't yet have a picture.
I did deliver the Field of Tulips--but the photos were horrible!

Okay, I admit to being pretty lazy on this vacation.  Of course, with a couple of days with the electric power out for over seven hours, lazy was well reinforced!  Having fun anyway!  (I snatched some library time while the girls are at the new movie that I didn't want to see.)  Think I'll try to read a few blogs too!

Happy quilmtaking........

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Anonymous said...

have a wonderful time with your daughter and your quilting!


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