Monday, February 16, 2009

Magic Loop Socks

Today my daughter, a friend, and I met at the home of a mutual friend so that I could try a new (for me) sock knitting technique, so I can knit and finish two socks at the same time.
Alex was working on one of those furry scarves for a friend. She wants some very expensive yarn to make a scarf for herself; my stipulation is that she must first make one of inexpensive yarn so I can be sure she will finish it when/if I buy the yarn.
My friend Mary was using the technique to knit sleeves for a toddler sweater.
The pile of socks on the table were made by our friend Judy, who was teaching us the technique. We didn't get any pictures of her because she was the one taking the pictures.
I thought by this evening I would have at least the toes and part of the lower socks done so I could post a picture. However, they are still too tiny to make a picture worthwhile. Hopefully, I will get more time to work on them this week.
I loved having a day off work, but I didn't get any quilting done--I didn't even manage to fondle fabric! The time between Presidents' Day and Spring Break always seems to pass much too slowly--in large part because I'm becoming eager for spring, and it's still winter.
I wonder how much more knitting I can get done before I need to be asleep an hour from now. Hmmmmmm...

1 comment:

Jackie said...

You'll love magic loop! Are you doing cuff down or toe up? I'm working on my first pair of socks done at the same time. It's going well!

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