Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Quilt

The baby quilt is finished. I'm including some pictures of the back of the quilt so the quilting can be seen. For the backing I used a lovely warm yellow from Debbie Beaves Sunflower collection. It photographed as more of a beige, but it's really a warm, buttery yellow.

The quilt top was made with Blossoms and Birds, a yellow Northcott print that is at least ten years old--came out of my stash. It was originally intended to be something for another child, but that didn't work out.

The lovely lavender/white polka dot had been in my stash even longer.

The pink was a more recent purchase.

For the quilting I used lavender, pink, and light green threads.

Here's a detail of the snowball blocks. These colors are truer to the fabrics.

I used #2 DMC cotton to fill piping next to the binding.

And here is most of the finished quilt. (I couldn't find a location where all three colors would photograph true. The pink and yellow are pretty close, but the lavender is really grayed in this photo.)
One more finish. Now it's back to binding for the blue butterfly quilt.

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sctill said...

Your machine quilting is beautiful!
Sheryl---Quilting Tizzy

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