Saturday, September 5, 2009

Marguerite's Butterflies and Thread Candy

The evening of my school's open house, I was able to get together with Marguerite and give her the quilt I had made for her retirement. I so miss her; she was my main support at school over the past five years.
Below is a photo of the back of the quilt.
And here are a couple of detail shots.

I quilted the borders with holographic thread, but that seldom shows up in photographs.

And here's the "candy", variegated threads from Thread Art in Cypress, TX. They were very speedy with delivery. I've already begun using several on a rose-colored Card Tricks Quilt that Judy R. pieced for Victory Quilts.
I also ordered more threads from Fil-Tec; but they are on the East Coast, and the order was sent to me via UPS, so it's caught somewhere in the delay created by Labor Day. The Fil-Tec thread is not variegated--although I would sooooo love it if they made their Glide thread in variegated colors! Nevertheless, I'm eager to receive that thread too; I ordered Glide thread for quilting and some much finer thread for piecing.

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