Thursday, October 14, 2010

Storm Damage

I lost.
67.6 miles--1 hour 23 minutes according to Google Maps
Yes, that's a daily commute of more than 135 miles!!!!
--Except I'll be driving during rush hour.
Terrible things have happened at that work site.
Having trouble figuring out what good can come of this.  (And, yes, I know it's not about me--but I'm the one who has to live it!)  Ooooooo, looking forward to winter, right?
140 days to go! (plus weekends and holidays, of course!) picture...and really don't want to post one of my tear-swollen face (the normal one is scary enough!)

Only good thing so far.....aside from the principal negotiating enough extra days for me to participate in parent conferences at current that one of the boys who's had a notorious reputation for several years shared why he and another guy used to have such outrageous behavior.  "Well, those teachers just kept giving us warnings over and over and over.  They never did anything, so we figured why not? Then we got in here and you only warned us once or twice and on the third time---hot slip!"  Wonder what will happen with their behavior after I leave?

Post Script: Today this same child, who once was so angry that he was incapable of empathy, brought me a little stuffed toy from the Madagascar movie [I think], and a letter expressing appreciation that I will treasure for the rest of my life.
The local NEA-NM representative brought me at least 20 boxes to help with moving--and said they will do everything they can to be sure that the next collective bargaining agreement has a clause that in cases of involuntary transfer during the school year, the district will provide a truck and personnel to load and unload it.
I wish we could negotiate a contract that would require them to pay for additional mileage (not that that would truly compensate).
Ah, well...


Pokey said...

I'm sorry Dora. You have my heart and prayers, Life is tough sometimes. I hope the good that will come from this will out-way the bad, but I'm driving 25 miles one way now, and it's just plain tough to find the energy some days to accomplish anything else. Hugs, pokey

Anonymous said...

Dora, I'm so sorry. More prayers for you to keep you safe in your commute.


Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Dora, I'm so sorry it went this way for you. My prayers are added for safe comute everyday for you. If you MUST travel at least make it a good comute by listening to books on disk or something... K? Something soothing to calm the nerves while sitting in traffic or driving in bad weather.

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