Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Quilting????

See my weekend quilting?  Actually the quilt was made quite some time ago--it's the one my daughter's been using lately when she's cold while watching TV or doing homework.
The magazine is one I hope to get to sometime before bed tonight.
The flash drives?  I've been copying and editing files for learning tasks for my younger students at the Gulag.  I hope to get them converted to pdf-s for printing so these students can start being productive--instead of screaming all day "No no no no no no no!" or "No!  I want to play!"

Here's what I made last weekend when I felt "stuck".  Preprinted panel.  It's now hanging on my front door at home.   First picture isn't great; I thought I used the flash, but it doesn't look like it.  Other pictures are details.

 Back to file editing and conversion.  I'd be happy to get to any sewing today, even if it isn't a quilt.  (It  could happen.  My daughter's off visiting and then working at our church's Halloween festival.  I do need to make yogurt--but that's less than an hour of work followed by three hours of letting it make itself in the playmate cooler.


Pokey said...

You're busy today! How are you acclimating to the job change/drive change? How's your daughter handling it, too? Adjustments are always so tough, even when we try our best to be flexible.

Kathie said...

what a nice finish.
Love the quilting, feathers are beautiful

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