Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Bit Tickled

I've had more time than I expected to work on the quilt from the last post.  It's being tickled with lots of feathers.

So far the only thing I've marked before stitching is the semi-circles just under the triangles above.  Everything else was just done freehand with no marking.

Last weekend I tried to contact the person from whom I acquired this treadle, a Singer 15-88 and his e-mail was returned to me.  I phoned the cell number but did not hear from him and wasn't even sure it was still his number.  This morning he phoned me (most of his family has moved to the Dallas area), and I asked him if he thought his mom would like to have a quilt made on the machine.  This quilt has been calling her name ever since I started it. I love how this machine operates and I am so glad she took good care of it for all those decades.  (I know she also had modern electric machines.)  Her son says she made him lots of shirts on this machine.  So far I've used it only for alterations and piecing and quilting.

I've been horribly stressed, and working on this quilt with all the winter-brightening colors and all the white areas for quilting has lifted my spirits (although that may have a lot to do with praying as I work on it).  Although the weather has been better than many winters here, the season still feels like it will last forever, so despite the fact that these colors are far from my favorites, their cheerfulness is welcome.

I'm getting closer to finishing it and would love to complete it this weekend, but, of course, I never can guess ahead of time how much I'll get done.  However, I need to get past the road block on a gray/violet quilt, and if I can't do that, I need to be working on a blue/yellow quilt.  Both are in the piecing stage. (No, we will not mention how many other unfinished quilts I have.  One year I posted them in my side bar, and every time I signed on to the blog, I felt further and further behind.  Not going there again!!)

Stay warm, friends, and happy quilting.....


Vivian said...

Quilting your lovely feathers with a treadle machine just blows my mind. They look wonderful!
And your offer re: a quilt for the original owner is such a generous and thoughtful gesture. That would be a truly special thing to do.

Loretta said...

I am just amazed at what you have done on a treadle! Beautiful!! It is sad that teachers aren't valued the way they should be...but it is good that you can pray and stitch your way to some peace in your mind.
I am going to bookmark your blog...some really great stuff here.

Dolly said...

Ahhh, the colors of your blog with the banner photo looks so calm and inviting. So Pretty !

I'm so glad that you're enjoying that quilting. So did he say his mother WOULD like to have the quilt or not? I mean, who wouldn't ! Just gazing at these beauties makes my day better.

Nice job, Dora.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Beautiful quilt. I'm sure the lady will love it.

Pokey said...

Ah, Dora, such aMazInG quilting coming from your (prayer &) treadle machine. I'm praying that your stress will lighten, dear. (I'm taking your suggested vitamin D...)

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