Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Quilt at Last!

I finally have a quilt!  My friend Bobbie pieced this a couple of years ago.  It is now complete except for the binding, which she will apply.
I learned a lot of important lessons, in case I ever decide to either make or quilt another log cabin--things such as measure every piece and cut it accurately.  Eschew the various and sundry donated fabrics, even from well intentioned friends.  Spraying starch over the entire quilt top before layering might have helped manage some of the friendly waves.  But it's done, and it is beautiful.

And then there's the sweet stuff, the assorted relatives. (So, how come just *my* legs look like they belong to a cartoon character!)

For what it's worth, I dearly miss having a nearly constant, convenient access to the Internet.


Pokey said...

Your quilt is wonderful, Dora. There are so many pieces to a log cabin, so I understand the potential to "warp". The only log cabin I id was paper pieced, and still in blocks-! I am glad for your completion! Good that you can enjoy family time, too.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilt and quilting. Family rocks.

yarndiva said...

Another lovely quilt!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Dora! I've never done a full log cabin, but have had trouble with the occasional blog made for a sampler quilt.
The family pics are wonderful as well. Hope you are having a nice visit. Kristina

Wonky Girl said...

You summed it up correctly- it is beautiful. Any 'wonkyness' just adds to the charm.

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