Saturday, August 18, 2012

Piecing Progress

First from the Friday Night Sew In:
 The Borders are on Little Miss Gardener:
I really do love this quilt.  It's my first Jane Sassaman fabric.  It's surprising how these solids sweeten the look.  
Sweet Teen was productive too.  She used gift bags to make covers for some of her text books:
She'd mentioned using a Hollister bag with a mostly naked guy on it.  I don't think sooooo!  I do not care how many other kids are using Hollister bags with the naked guy either!

I made  the curtain for under the counter where the dishwasher used to be.  I love the fact that I now have adequate room to hide away the wastebasket.  I do need to get something to cover the surface of the subflooring.  I need to take a closeup of the fabric too--it's a toile with hens on it. I do love walking into the kitchen and seeing and using the sink that is big enough!

The other big effort early this morning was more weeding therapy.  In Central Illinois where I grew up, someone was always remarking, "You can take the boy off the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the boy."  As an adolescent, I couldn't wait to leave the farm.  Imagine my shock to discover this late in my life that you can't take the farm out of the girl either!  And weeds are just like potato chips--I keep thinking, just a couple more.

Those weeds back there just grow like crazy on the city right of way.  I am fairly sure that there has to be a leak in the water main along there.  I've suggested that to the city several times, but they don't want to believe me, and keep suggesting there may be a leak on my property, but they won't come out and look at it.  When I stand in the alley, I can see a thick path of weeds following the water main.  I need to think of something to plant there to take advantage of the extra moisture and to squeeze out the weeds.
That mobile home back there had most of us really upset when it was moved in.  This area is for site-built homes only.  We were assured it was for a temporary construction office and would move on.  It's now been there for years--and, obviously, no one takes care of that property. 

Oh, I forgot that I'm linking to the Friday Night Sew In.  It's your chance to meet some more sewing bloggers.

P. S.:  Sweet Teen is on her way to the county fair dance--that's okay.  Except, we had the portico light on, and the moths are back!  Yuck!  Guess the moths are migrating again--signaling summer is drawing to an end...just in case I hadn't noticed how short the days are getting!

Happy Quiltmaking.....


O'Quilts said...

U r something else with the weeds. My grandmother would be proud of you!! Like your quilt too.

lesleyworth said...

Love your quilt!

Pokey said...

The garden quilt does have nice colors, and good places to show off your quilting talents in the solid snowballs.
Good for you to stick to your guns (convictions) against the Hollister bag. Remind her what she stands for! Her book covers are beautiful!

pinsandneedles said...

I like your little snowball quilt...the colors are pretty. Any time you are back in Illinois, you can come weed my garden! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Our drainfield (septic field) has lots of lovely little lines depicting the drains. No matter what I try, it is always there. You'd think that dogs and cat would deter the moles, but no. I have to say that it is always some critter that will drive us crazy!


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