Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quilting, Patchwork, Knitting, etc.

First I want to let you all know that although my little town received so much rain that we still have some puddles, to my knowledge there is no lingering damage from flash floods.  We do have a lot more green stuff growing than we've had in years--although technically we are still in a drought.

 This is the first quilting that has happened in ages--and I managed that only because yesterday was the monthly meeting of our prayer quilt ministry, Victory Quilters.  This is a wonderful star quilt pieced by Judy; however, it's going to be a while before I can show you the rest of it. I was gifted a Necchi BF (straight stitch) sewing machine that I took to the church; it was nice not to have to lug a sewing machine along when I went there yesterday.

 I just tossed it over one of my treadles so that I also could show you one of the wonderful lights from Ikea that my young friend Kim Larkin picked up in Dallas and mailed to me.  I've wanted one for years, but Ikea doesn't ship them.  They are available on Amazon for about three prices.  I'm thinking those of you who do live within shopping distance of an Ikea store might want to pick some up as gifts for your relatives or quilting/crafting friends who would have to drive hundreds of miles to get to a store.  The lamps have a heavy solid base and are very easy to assemble with nothing more than a screwdriver.  (I sent one to NM Tech for my daughter.)

The respiratory virus/infection that has had me down for three weeks or so did not prevent me from making some other acquisitions.

 Dillard's is selling these Southern Living Christmas Cookbooks for $10.  In Albuquerque the funds go to Ronald McDonald House; I'm not sure if that is true in all markets, but these would also make good gifts.

 I've acquired this purplee lace weight yarn thinking it will make a nice scarf or shawl.

 These are the socks I've been working on.  I started the toes months ago but couldn't decide on a pattern. This pattern was called an eyelit rib--it's free on Ravelry, but I just searched and couldn't find it.  In any case, it was a top down sock that I'm doing toe up.

 I've started this sweater with some of Auracana Chilean hand-dyed yarn rather than the Cascade in the directions. Download Here. (Yes, I easily spend hours and hours on Ravelry--to the detriment of blog reading.)

 These are a few of the wonderful Bow Tie blocks I received in the recent Treadle On Block Exchange. The block on the left was made by an educator in Gallup; Gallup was the first place I lived in New Mexico 25 years ago!  I haven't yet met her in person--but I'm thinking I should!

This is the 3S Shawl showing the first picots I have made in knitting. (I've made more than a few thousand in tatting!)  It's not yet blocked; I just tossed it over the back of the loveseat so I'd have a photo.   I thought it would be larger, but I had only 100 grams of yarn.  It will be plenty big enough to wear as a neck accessory or in the collar of a coat.  (I have another on the needles in a dusty pinkish red color which will be quite a bit larger.)

I've been keeping very, very busy; you know I've been just trying to ward off loneliness with Sweet Teen away at college.  I can see that I could end up being very, very busy but not enjoying things if I don't give some more thought and editing to my activities.  I would love to start a little needlework/handwork group of four to six people who could meet in my home one evening every couple of weeks.  I'm not sure I know enough people to make that happen.

I did get home Friday evening and miss Sweet Teen--but Netflix had arrived so I got to re-watch Tuck Everlasting as well as another film that's not worth recommending. The truth is that I just love the music in that film--and the Edwardian dresses. I'm coming home from school really exhausted--and am looking forward to another special ed teacher coming on board soon so that I can have a reasonable sized caseload instead of about twice as many students as I should have.

I'm really missing my blog reading--I get so spoiled over the summer.  I even have magazines I haven't had time to read!

Happy quiltmaking.....


Lynn said...

Wonderful to see your pretty works, wow! Wish I was local, I'd actually learn to knit then! Lots of books and yarn, but not enough nerve to jump in! You sound so much better at this school than at the last one but more help will be great! Hoping it happens soon!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I too would love to join your knitting group if I lived closer. The shawl is beautiful, and I would love to learn how to make it. I'm a new knitter, so I don't know how to read patterns yet. BYW, you won the giveaway on my blog, so please send me your mailing address and I will get your package in the mail :-)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have 3 of those IKEA lamps. We're lucky to have an IKEA here. Unfortunately, I don't have a Dillard's anymore :( I'd rather a Dillard's than an IKEA.

Gaurav Goyal said...

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