Saturday, November 23, 2013

On and Off the Needles--November 23

I apologize for the absence--I've been having some adventures as well as challenges.
However, the socks are finished!
 This was gift yarn, and I started them a year or two ago.  This is a mixture of patterns.  These were made toe-up beginning with Judy's Magic Cast On.  For variety, the section with increases to the heel was purled instead of knitted--for some nice textural contrast.  When I reached the leg portion, I switched to slightly larger needles (because I have fat legs, and if I don't increase the needle size, I have a hard time guessing how far up my leg the socks will come since when I put them on, they stretch and get much shorter.

When I reached the leg, I discovered that inside each skein of yarn was matching reinforcing yarn that was meant to be used for the toes and heels--but I didn't know that until far too late.  I do like this yarn, despite it's dulled colors, but I certainly didn't want to rip and remake them!

Since we've received our first ice and snow storm, I just wanted them finished so I could wear them!

Here's the progress on the leg warmers for my daughter.  She attends university about 100 miles or so from us, but she's getting their first snow right now.
I've started a new pattern section barely visible at the left side of the knitting, and when I've done enough of that, I'll switch back to a rib. No pattern; just some patterns from other sock patterns or pieces of lace that I've wanted to try. If I can finish these by Thanksgiving, my Sweet Teen can take them back to school.

As I was playing crossing guard after school yesterday, I realized that not only do I want some leg warmers but also that it would be good to have them long enough to go above my knees!  (Yes, it was very windy with a biting snow/sleet mix.)  However, I'm thinking it would probably be wise to look for a wool sweater at the nearest thrift store and do some steeking and creative joining rather than to start from balls of yarn.

I'm linking to Judy's On the Needles.  I can't link to her yarn report because I haven't added any yarn--although I'd like to do so!  Yarn to a knitter is as addictive as fabric is to a quilter, isn't it?  And, of course, I'm both!!

We are expecting more snow in this second storm punch to the Southwest.  Yesterday's gift was a layer of ice covered by snow.  Since the temperature didn't rise above 23 F or so, only a bit of that snow melted [= more ice] and now we have more snow on top of that.  It is very unusual for us to have days with almost no temperature variation.  (A group I'm in planned to go sing at a nearby [10 miles away] assisted living center, but the road conditions led to our cancelling.)

I hope everyone else out there experiencing weather, rather than "climate", is staying warm, dry, and well-fed and watered!  (This weather always makes me glad I don't have farm animals to tend to!)

Happy quiltmaking...and knitting...,


MQuilter said...

I like you eclectic pattern for these leg warmers, very pretty and cheerful with all the bright colors. I like using Judy's Magic Cast On for toe up socks too. All of your knitting projects are very pretty!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great socks. Sorry about the snow and ice. We're just really cold here. Stay warm, and I hope the adventures are good ones. Hope the difficulties aren't too difficult.

Judy S. said...

Those socks look like they'll keep your feet toasty warm!

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