Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snowy Day: Quilting Finished

I finished the quilting on the "Round-up Quilt" for my cousin who had a heart attack and by-pass surgery.  Long day.  Lots of snow and ice outside but lovely quilty fun inside.

 No pattern, just improvised as I went along.  Most of the strips were cut two and half inches wide.
 The panels were cut 7-3/4 inches tall--somewhat unusual measurement.
 The panes were lots of different widths.
 Panels almost always present a quilting challenge--they need to be quilted enough to stay in place but not so much as to detract from the pictures.
 The pairs of strips created nice five inch borders for quilting.

 Some rows needed additional strips to expand them to a consistent width.
 I've been watching lots of quilting You-Tube shows and am recognizing that in order to increase the amount of quilting I do, I have to get over the fussy double spines that I've done for decades and be willing to retrace spines multiple times as most longarmers do; not constantly tying off saves lots and lots of time.

 This was the first time I'd been successful with this kind of flip-flopped curved feathers.

 It did take a bit of thought to make sure the curves would work out as I wanted in each corner.

 The lasso quilting was a great idea for some of the panels, and it was also a lot of fun to do!

When I was a child, I spent hours and hours trying to learn to lasso.  Never succeeded.

These are just as much fun and will last a lot longer!

The four patches are okay, but I think I need to work on them in some future quilts.  (Of course!)

Now, to select fabric for binding.  I used a woven railroad strip on the back because it seemed to be a little tougher and aptly suited to the theme of the quilt.  I'd like to go with a red or brown binding--or one that alternates between red and brown.

It would be really difficult to explain the joy I feel when I'm quilting--probably a lot like what a lot of toddlers feel when they are dancing and singing!

I'm linking to Sew Many Ways

Update: 3-6-15
I've not managed to quilt any thing more this week, so I'm sharing this link over at Sarah's.

Happy quiltmaking....and knitting,


Anonymous said...


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lasso's and wind made good choices on the quilting on the panels. Very nice!

Celia Ambrose said...

I am amazed what you do with your quilting, and excellent tutorials with treadle machines. Beautiful quilting!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Such beautiful quilting! Storms are a great opportunity to quilt! I guess there is a silver lining to everything!!

Missy Shay said...

It turned out great! Good job!

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Your quilt is lovely and I like the quilting you have done. I myself have yet to try my hand at feathers. I think yours look great. I also love your lasso quilting. Very creative!

Dolly said...

The thing is, you don't HAVE to explain how you feel when you're quilting these feathers. They SHOUT it with every curve and curl. You have done a beautiful job, and I can picture it giving peace to the recipient of this quilt, to just sit and trace the swirls of quilting.

Bless you, Dora. YOU are a blessing !

Needled Mom said...

That looks wonderful and the quilting is fabulous.

Needled Mom said...

That looks wonderful and the quilting is fabulous.

DragonPoodle said...

Your quilting is wonderful, as always. And those are the best looking cowboy panels I have ever seen. the lasso quilting design is genius!

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