Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How I became "Dora, the Quilter"

I became "Dora, the Quilter" because when my daughters were little, they kept insisting I had been Dora, The Explorer when I was a little kid and had just taped all those shows many years ago. It is true that when I was small my ash-blond hair was cut into Dora, The Explorer's hairstyle. I might claim the other Dora stole my haircut, but those dutch bobs were very common when I was little.

I told my girls that I had never been Dora, the Explorer but that I had wanted to make quilts from the time I was two and a half. They would have none of that and just went on insisting I was Dora, the Explorer. One day as we were walking around the teacherage, they started that old refrain once again. I was so exhausted that I just said, "Okay. I was."

But in my heart I am now and have always been Dora, the Quilter. My twelve-year-old has finally accepted the fact that Dora, The Explorer is someone else.

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sanda1101 said...

What a wonderful thing to share! Keep up the blogging - I love being part of your life this way. Sanda

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