Sunday, March 15, 2009

Young Musician's Flute Recital

Here's my young musician at her flute recital last Wednesday. She made a couple of teeny-tiny, itty bitty errors and has been practicing diligently so they don't happen again. She'll play the same number for her solo at the Solo and Ensemble Assessment in April.

These pansies and daffodils were in bloom at school last week. However, the altitude at which I work is 2,000 feet below the one where I live. It will be a while before we see these sights here.

This was the view of the Manzano Mountains from school on Thursday. Most of the view was obscured by clouds. Friday afternoon, when the clouds lifted for a brief period, we could see that quite a bit of snow had fallen there. (This is the west face of the mountains. At my house we see the east face of the Manzanos and Sandias.)

Today as we arrived home from church to howling winds, my young musician said, "This is why I don't want to live in New Mexico." I understand what she means, but howling winds are hallmarks of spring and fall here. They can crop up at pretty much any other time of year too.


sanda1101 said...
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sanda1101 said...

Flowers in full bloom - now that is something you don't see in IL till well into Apr. or May! OH and the wind thing, big time in IL too. Hate to tell Alex that as she likes IL. I am so happy to hear she is still working hard at her flute playing and doing so well. Sanda

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