Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Are These Machines?

I just received a call from my little sister in Houston. It was followed by an e-mail with these pictures attached.  These machines belonged to a family member and have been stored at our dad's house.  She wants to know if I want them.  She has a fuzzy memory of when they were purchased (she was a child) and thinks one might be an embroidery machine.  I've never seen the actual machines, only these pictures.  So please help me out if you have information about what they are.

These pictures supply the only knowledge I have of these machines, so I'm looking for information.  Since I'm mostly a quiltmaker (I piece, applique occasionally, and quilt), I'm not sure if they would serve a purpose for me.  I do love the quality of vintage machine; I know Wilcox & Gibbs made some great sewing machines.  But aside from that, I'm pretty ignorant about these machines.

If you're knowledgeable, please leave a comment, e-mail me, or reply to the list to which this post was linked.

Thank you, friends.


eric said...

These machines are industrial for garment mfg.
I see in the pics that one of the mach says US Blind stitch mfg.
I think the co is still in business
Call them and give them the model # and they should be able to tell you the specific use


Anonymous said...

The Willcox & Gibbs is an industrial Serger.
The U.S. Blind stitch is just that. A blind
stitch is seen only on the underside of the item.Hope this helps.
Jerry "Mr. Sewing Machine"

Pokey said...

Pretty cool, you have your answers. I thought it looked like my folks chain stitcher. Wild, huh?

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