Saturday, July 24, 2010

Country Life & Results of July Friday Night Sew In

My Friday Night Sew In project was this reconstructed 4-patch quilt treadle-quilted on my 1935 Singer 15-88.  I used Fil-Tec Glide thread for the solid threads and Thread-Art variegated for the others.  Prior to using this machine to quilt, I was having trouble with the Thread-Art threads on my Viking 6000 series machines.  But this machine seems to like it just fine---so, until I can get some variegated thread from the Fil-Tec people, I'll use up some of these.
A few detail pictures:
 All the quilting was done with free motion and with no markings on the quilt top.  I try to maintain the character of the quilting designs but put in a lot of variations.  I started doing that because so many of the quilts I make are for people with cancer, other serious illness, or serious injuries, and I felt the quilts would be more interesting to them if there were variations in the quilt designs--kind of like a puzzle.  Of course, all my quilts are prayer quilts, made while I'm praying for the recipient, even if I don't know who that might be.

Country Life:
Although we live in a small town, there's a field across the street from us and a farm beyond that.  We've been promised rain today, and Alex and I thought we'd sleep late.  After a very late night serenade by partying cats, we were counting on it.  However, our sleep was interrupted before 6:00 a.m. by a plane repeatedly flying quite low over our house.  Undoubtedly, the neighbor was cropdusting and choosing to fly over our residential neighborhood to change directions instead of the barren fields east and west of his farm.
So....since it's impossible to sleep while being repeatedly buzzed by a plane, I got up.  About 20 minutes later, no plane.  By that time I'd decided to bake fresh muffins.  Guess the plane had gone to re-supply, because it was soon back.  When it was done, I made fresh New Mexico coffee, sliced a fresh fig (from Costco, not from any local tree), and took my muffin outside for breakfast.  One of the things I most treasure about summer is breakfast outdoors.  My makeshift table consists of an upside down galvanized tub with an ancient metal milk basket on top, with tiles on top of that.  I've been looking for a discarded or used cafe table for a couple of years, but haven't found one.  A table definitely falls into the "want, not a need" category, so I'll keep looking.

That bushy plant next to the table is the sweet basil I picked up at Trader Joe's for $1.99 yesterday.  The basil we had from before our trip east barely survived the summer heat, despite receiving the neighbor's care.--Actually, I had told her to use it, but she didn't.  I'll repot the new basil after we make our post office run.

Blessed summer days........


Dolly said...

Wonderful spot you have there !

I love my deck-morning-coffee-time !
Hubby keeps trying to move me out into the back yard, but morning is the only time it's cool enough to enjoy my front deck, and I'm stickin' with it !

Dolly said...

I walked off for an hour and came back to see the bottom of your post. After commenting, I saw the top and remembered your great purple quilt. I had to comment again.

And wow, that quilting is great ! You've got my mind spinning, since I usually just meander-quilt. Great job, and pretty quilt !

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