Friday, July 30, 2010

Split 4-Patch and New Quilting

This is the first Split 4-Patch I made.  I think I started with 6-inch strips, pieced light to dark, and then cut the strips every 6 inches, pieced into a 4 patch and the cut the 4 patches horizontally and vertically 1.5 inches each side of the center.
Details of free motion quilting:
...and the feathered border:

The second quilt was done much the same way...
...except that when I made the horizontal and vertical cuts to the four-patch blocks, I cut only 1.25 inches from the center of the blocks.  I like this one much better as far as block proportions go.
 Details of the quilting:

This is my first totally treadled quilt: piecing, quilting, binding.  I know someone will receive this quilt someday, but I'm not quite ready to part with it.

Thanks to all the folks at Treadle-On, who helped me get to the point where I could have a completely treadled quilt.
Some of us did start a yahoo list for people who quilt and embroider with vintage and antique sewing machines.  Let me know if you'd like an invite to join Q&E list.

The Autumn Split 4-patch in the first picture is a prayer quilt for our Victory Quilt Ministry.

A glimpse of the next treadle quilting project:
I pieced this one years ago when we were living on the Zuni Reservation.  The triangles between the prints are from fabrics I hand-dyed with Procion dyes.  I'm treadle quilting this one too, but only in short bits of time since I pieced the hexagons from repeated fractions of a very busy print, so the quilting doesn't really show up well except in the hand-dyed portion.  I thought surely I'd have this ready for my new house by the time we moved in, but then our lives fell apart, so here we are eight years later.....

I've spent the last two days in training for Transmath, a program I'll be piloting with fifth and sixth graders at my school this year.  Only 10 days before we'll return to school.  Summer never lasts long enough.....

Happy quiltmaking.....

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Suzan said...

I am amazed at your attempt to do feathers with a treadle! I think that trying to rock my feet and move my hands would make me twitch! The quilt looks terrific.

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