Monday, August 16, 2010

Is Quilting Your Favorite Part of Quiltmaking?

Quilting is my favorite part of quiltmaking.  Of course,  I've learned that I have to machine quilt (after decades of hand quilting) because the years fly by and I have a lot more quilts in my dreams than in my home or picture albums.

Christina over at A Few Scraps is having a quilt along that focuses on the quilting and a give away to go along with it.  I don't often post about such things, but I know a lot of people with vintage and antique machines who'd like to stretch their wings--this is a great opportunity.  Check out Christina's Post and decide if this is for you!  Then we can all quilt along, accent on "quilt", together.


Dolly said...

No, the quilting is not my favorite's just what I have to do to get the results I want !
But, I'm with you in the quilt-along !

You're one of the influences pushing me to try my wings at a bit of pattern to my machine-quilting.

But I'll be thankful for that motor helping me along, don't let me kid you !

Good luck in the'd sure be fun to win the supplies, wouldn't it?

Noxigion.......that's my scrambled word......seems like I should come up with a good quilting definition/condition for that !

Anonymous said...

Quilting isn't my favorite part, but I have come to recognize the importance of good quilting to the finished product. My first few quilts were only "in the ditch", but I've expanded. There are a lot of techniques that I want to try, but am worried that I will wreck the quilt, so I stay with the tried and true (for me).


theodora said...

your Dora quilts I'm theodora quilts how nice!!I like your blog you do free motion already, I just signed up at Christina's free motion quilt along. I have so many quilt tops LOL .

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