Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Quilt Adventure

Judy chose and cut the fabrics.  Julie pieced it.  I volunteered to quilt it.

 I quilted the star points and then, because the intense busyness of the setting squares and triangles, I turned the quilt to the pack to quilt those areas.
 I used gold Sulky sliver thread in the Asian looking floral fabric.  The rest of the quilt was treated to Fil-Tec Glide thread.
And that reminds me: If you haven't yet tried the Fil-Tec thread, you might want to check out the September specials at  They're having a 10% off sale on their "mini-spools" of Glide thread--their mini-spools contain 1000 meters/1100 yards.  Sign up to be a member and the spools will be $2.00 each--Cool, huh? (Their matching Glide Thread magna-glide bobbins are also on sale.)
Takes a while for the shipment to arrive in NM, and the anticipation is followed by opening a package that is better than the prettiest candy store--and sugarless!

I am determined to have more quilting adventures this weekend.  We'll have a long wait for our next school holiday.

Happy quiltmaking......

1 comment:

Pokey said...

Great finish for you and your friends! Thanks for sharing about the thread, too.

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