Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pink 80's Sampler

It's done!  Finished it on Sunday, but this is the first chance I've had to take and upload photos.

 Those of you who blog have probably realized Blogger has changed the way that's done.  Took me a while to figure it out.  However, here are lots and lots of detailed photos--that loaded really quickly.

This quilt was full of lots of new challenges.  Even when I'd machine quilted similar blocks before, I'd not done these designs, and, in fact, I had never had the opportunity to quilt some of these by machine--although before I understood my own mortality, I had hand-quilted quite a few.
I'd never really enjoyed those brownish 1980's pinks--and I'd not been very happy with pink fabrics until I was able to dye my own.  In truth, I see these old pinks as being just very light orange reds.
So very many memories in these blocks--and now the memories are in a finished quilt along with some new memories.

Happy quiltmaking.....


Dolly said...

You're going to be so happy everytime your eye falls on this finished quilt.
Even just that little bird quilt with the flying geese that I finished brings me so much pleasure, knowing that it had been stuck away for so long unfinished, and now it's out shining in my sewing room !

Your quilting is beautiful, and those feathers made THE BEST new header for your blog !

lw said...

The quilting is really lovely in this quilt. As I recall, that pinkish brown was "dusty rose", and I have a lot of the same fabrics in my stash from back then. I like that it's a sampler and that it's asymmetrical, so your eye keeps moving.

Julie in the Barn said...

Wonderful quilting on this quilt. Thanks, too, for the blue pen critique. I remember using those all the time years ago. I'm partial to using chalk or soap slivers to mark my quilts. For straight lines I use masking tape.

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