Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finished: Le Soleil d'Hiver

 It's finished, including binding.
My original plan was to quilt a curvy feather that included not only the blue solid but also the two adjacent borders.  But when I tried that, it was immediately clear that the feather wouldn't even be recognized if it extended into those borders, so I ripped it out and placed them just in the blue.
 It was clear that the narrow borders of the blue china were so busy that no quilting would show up, so I just quilted a kind of pussy-willow design in those borders.  (Do people still grow pussy willows?  I loved them when I was growing up.  And if they still grow them, have they renamed them something else?)
Here's another quick look at the seashell quilting....
 and at the ribbons & feathers on a Michael Miller Fairy Frost star.
 In order to see the details, you may have to right click on the next triangle and open it in a new tab.
I used a sunshine yellow on most of the quilt, but a blue for the feather in the blue border.  I used white thread in the bobbin, and it turned out pretty well, that is, very little show-through of the top thread on the back. Then I cut the binding from the same blue as the border.
Finished just in time for another winter storm to move in.  I wanted to take it to church to give my friend this morning, but I hadn't finished tacking down some of the binding on the back.  (Have another idea for binding on the next one.)
Whoop! Whoop!  Sarah's challenge is helping me stay focused on finishing a little bit each week rather than being frustrated that I don't get more done. I'm also linking up with Karen at Sew Many Ways. (Or I will, if I can get Mr. Linky to cooperate!)
Happy quilting......May you find a lot of sunshine in this long, long winter.


Diane E W said...

visiting from Sarah, I have never seen a blue and yellow quilt that I did not love. The church quilts are just beautiful. Whoop whoop to you.

Sarah Craig said...

Dora, it's just beautiful - your quilting is astonishing!! The person who gets this quilt will be very lucky. Whoop whoop!!!

lw said...

I hope your friend will loan it back to you for quilt shows, this one is an inspiration and it should be seen by other quilters (besides us.)

Anonymous said...

I'm so intrigued by your beautiful quilting. Someday I hope to be brave enough to try it on one of my own quilts.
ps - I remember pussy willows well - one of my brothers got one stuck up his nose - something we NEVER have let him forget!

Vicki said...

It turned out gorgeous and you did a great job with the quilting. I love the way you varied the pattern to suit the area you were quilting. Your friend is going to love it.

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