Friday, December 23, 2011

Necchi Is Treadling & More Snow

 New snow has arrived.  I-40 was closed overnight.  According to the state website, it's now open near us, although dangerous.  However, in the absence of the sounds from the interstate (a little over a mile away), most people, including truckers, are opting for safety.

 We've been out to shovel twice.
 I grew up on a farm near El Paso, Illinois, and as I was sweeping snow out of our portico today, I recalled that my Grandpa took to leaving a huge grain shovel inside the enclosed back porch in case he had to shovel his way out of the house!
 We're enjoying seeing stars--from the wintering morning glories.
 Not a lot of visibility here--and it's been snowing hard in the couple of hours since these photos were snapped.  We are trying to keep up with the snow since it's light when it first falls and much heavier later.  One of my friends posted on Facebook that cleaning house with children present is like shoveling snow before it's done falling.  Fact is, if we didn't work on it periodically while it's falling, we probably would be stuck here for a really long time!
 Thanks to a couple of sharp-eyed friends on the Necchi sewing list, the stitch width is now correctly set to zero and functioning well. Here's a practice piece made with a couple of scrap fabrics and a scrap piece of a Mountain Mist Lily batting.
I did discover that this particular machine does not like Superior Threads Rainbows although it works well in my other machines, and I like it because of the rapid color changes--and it may work well in this machine once it gets used to working again. The thread I'm using on this practice piece is a variegated Thread Art on the top and Fil-Tec Glide from in the bobbin. (My favorite quilting thread is Fil-Tec Glide 80137 because it looks great on a wide range of fabrics and always says "This is a very special quilt.")

Since we don't have to go anywhere and our house is nice and cozy,  I'm headed back to the treadle, where I can watch the falling snow and the wide variety of birds at my neighbor's feeder.

Happy quilting.


Anonymous said...

All of your snowy pictures are making me very jealous! We rarely get snow here in the mossy part of Washington. I'd like to get settled in with some quilting but will probably have to wait until next week. Have a blessed Christmas. Kristina

Nicholas Rain Noe said...

I wish we got snow like that here in NYC, as my two dogs love it (winter breed). What part of the country are you in that it snows that heavily?

- Rain

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