Monday, December 5, 2011

Quilted All Day

Last Friday there were multiple accidents on I-40, but even bailing off I-40 and then Old 66, it took me two and half hours to get home.  Saturday morning we were greeted by some lovely sights, including sunshine.
We'd planned to be gone all day, but we had to cancel out of everything because under that beautiful snow was a sheet of ice.  I managed not to fall while shoveling the driveway. However, you will notice that in the above photo, the mountains are obscured.

Since we were "stuck" at home, I began looking for something in the pantry and ended up reorganizing it--something that's been needed for a long time.  Since the roads were too dreadful to venture to a grocery store, it was lovely to find all kinds of very usable food that had gotten stuck in inconvenient places.  (I did have to throw out two cans that were old and bulging slightly.)  However, I also took out this little fellow, who has been shut in the closet for several years!
He's been helping me drink Celestial Seasons Candy Cane Lane herbal tea--one of the best things about this season.
Sunday the roads were horrible, so I did some rearranging in my sewing room.  I moved some things around and put my Singer 15-88 treadle in front of a window.
This morning my daughter's school was cancelled at 5:00 a.m., and while I was checking NM Roads, I received a call that my school was delayed by two hours.  The highway situation was pretty scary, and I was glad when my district cancelled.  For much of the day I-40 was closed, but I was happily treadling away--and now have the Foggy Morning quilt finished except for two little red triangles and the binding (which isn't even cut yet).
I don't think I would have chosen the hunting print, and it took me a couple of years to decide how to use it, but it brought back a lot of happy memories in the process.
I used a little bit of Fil-Tec Glide thread, but most of the thread was variegated thread from Threadart.
Threadart specializes in embroidery thread but sells a variety of other products (including bling), and they too give very fast service.  In fact, right now they have grab bags of twenty 1000-yard cones of rayon embroidery thread [I use it for quilting sometimes] for $20.00.  My old electric machines got a bit fussy about the Threadart thread, but my treadles love it.
When I was first told that it would be easy to treadle a well functioning set of irons all day, I was skeptical.  No more.  Treadling all day was a whole lot easier than my daily commute to work and back.  (Two hour delay for me Tuesday, so I'm praying the roads will be much better!)
Happy quilting......


MQuilter said...

The feather quilting is very nicely done.
The pictures of the snow is pretty and the snowman is adorable.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My BIL's family, and my inlaws drove from the Farmington area towards California on I40 on Monday. Those roads can be treacherous. Drive safely.

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