Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sanctuary II Finished

I finished the Sanctuary II quilt--it will be handed back to Judy so she can add the binding, and it will be dedicated for the Victory Quilts Ministry.

I really wanted you to be able to see at least some of the colliding feathers, but they just don't photograph very well.
Judy is an amazing artist and she really worked magic with this piecing.
I quilted it using Fil-Tec Glide gold thread--a thread that looks great on so many quilts.
Much better to have colliding feathers on a quilt than this kind of collision:
I left my car in the physical therapy parking lot while a friend drove me to other appointments in an area of the city with much more intense traffic.  When I returned I discovered a note on my windshield and a name and telephone number.  Now I ask you, what percent of drivers would be so conscientious as to leave contact information?  I'm guessing maybe one percent--or maybe only 1/10th of one percent.  We'll get it fixed, although with therapies or dr. appointments pretty much every day, I don't know how I'll manage the time for that--let's hope it's a quick repair!

Oh, by the way, right now Fil-Tec is offering a combo of three of their most popular thread colors along with 20 magna bobbins for each color at a special price. I *Love* this thread!

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Connie said...

What a beautiful quilt and I can see your feather stitching better! Sorry to hear about your car but that is wonderful that they left their information!

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful quilt, Dora! Whoop whoop!!

Pokey said...

Dora, I see the feathers, very well done. I so love the colors that blend into this lovely quilt top ~

Elizabeth said...

Your quilting is so beautiful! I love the fabrics in this quilt! And I've clicked on the link for your thread . . . like I need another thread addiction ;). Thanks for linking up!

xo -E

Sarah Craig said...

Thanks for linking up to Quilting For Good Tuesdays - and for the shoutout in your blog post!

April said...

Beautiful quilt. I'm amazing and thankful that someone left their information for you when they hit your car! that's just wonderful. :) What is Victory Quilts Ministry?

beth said...

What a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

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