Monday, July 9, 2012

Quilted: Mod Circles

Over the weekend I quilted another of Judy's quilts for our Victory Quilts prayer quilts.
She pieced strips of fabrics together and cut them into three sizes of circles on her Accuquilt and then appliqued them to large half square triangles.

 I quilted each block differently...
 but this time I had enough sense to use the same quilting thread throughout the quilt,
 and didn't have to change threads constantly as I did on the Robin's Song quilt.
 I did spend some time quilting colliding feathers on Brent's quilt, but I needed a quicker project,
 and this met that need.
 I would never have come up with this design and pieced this myself; I like stretching my creativity to do things a little differently, and this quilt provided that opportunity too.
 We've heard from a couple of members of our congregation that they really like scrap quilts because they remind them of family quilts from when they were young.
 I used a medium green Fil-Tec Glide thread for this quilt.
 I love how threads seem to shift colors, depending upon the fabric they are on.
 I also love how productive Judy is with her piecing.
 When I checked the quilt cabinet yesterday morning at church, almost every quilt there had been made by her or Ruth.
 Judy came to quiltmaking from painting, and is truly an artist.
 This was treadle-quilted on my Necchi BU from the late 40's in a 1919 Singer treadle cabinet.
That reminds me, beginning July 16, 2012, Fil-Tec will be introducing a new Glide color every day for two weeks.  You can check them out on their FaceBook page.

I'm going to share this post at some linky parties, where you can find other quiltmakers sharing their progress.
 Every Monday, Judy Laquidara has a design wall party.  (Yes, I know.  This one is beyond the design wall stage.)
Also, Connie has posted her Quilting By the River Linky Party a day early due to so many activities  going on this week.

Happy quiltmaking....


Pokey said...

You have another great completion, Dora! I agree, changing threads is a nuisance, but sometimes needed so the color doesn't become a distraction. The circles are fun. At first, I thought you were showing the project you are going
to do for your dd ~

Cathy Tomm said...

Great quilt. I like the stripes.

DragonPoodle said...

You quilted this over the WEEKEND? on a TREADLE? Dang, girl, you are some superwoman!

Lovely quilting as always, and I am very intrigued by that quilt design also. Love anything with circles.

Cheryl Warren

DragonPoodle said...

ps: this is also the first time I have seen any point to buying one of those cutters. oh, no, another toy to lust after!

Connie said...

What a fun quilt, how neat and your quilting is so varied and wonderful on it! I have never heard of that thread, will have to check out the link. Thanks for the heads up on my Linky Party being a day early Dora!
Thanks for sharing.
Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

Leo said...

that was a really clever idea of her the stripy circles - quitlting all the blocks a different is great, there will always be new things to discover you can't take it all in and say ohhh it's stars/waves ..

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