Monday, September 10, 2012

New Quilt to Be Quilted

As usual, I'm working on several different projects.  Yesterday my friend Shellie handed me a new one. This is one of several projects she's been working on over the summer.

 (Yes, that blue is truly what our New Mexico skies look like this morning.)

On Saturday she sat down to quilt it and decided not to--she says she loves the piecing, but not so much the quilting.  She has pieced, appliqued and quilted several projects, but hesitated to do this one.

Here is a closeup of four of the blocks:
 I'm thinking I'll quilt it as if it were pinwheels and square-in-a-square.  Since she had already purchased her thread, she sent that home with me too, two very sweet pinks.

My order of Fil-Tec Glide and Affinity from Bobbin Central arrived a few days ago.
I took a photo of it, but then didn't show it.  Yes, I've already started using one of those Magna-Glide bobbins.  I am thrilled that they work so well even in my vintage machines. (They come with instructions to remove the check spring from the bobbin case, but please note those instructions are for long-arm machines.  I just slip the Magna-Glide bobbin into my class 15 bobbin case and stitch away.  They look like they would work just fine in a Class 66 bobbin case too, but the only class 66 machine I have left is my Singer 99 handcrank, and since I can't crank and quilt at the same time, I haven't tried them in that machine.)

I had planned to start on Lynn's Star next--then when this order arrived, I realized I'd forgotten to order another 5,000 yard spool of gold--which is what I need in order to quilt her quilt.  I'm kind of hoping for an e-mail from bobbincenteral this week with some kind of special offer so I can choose some things to join the gold.  I checked the prices of the thread my friend sent home with me and am so glad I usually use Glide.  I'm eagerly awaiting the issue of their new Glide color card with all their new colors on it.

I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday
and, since this new quilt is only about 48 X 56 inches, to Elizabeth's Little Quilt Monday.

Happy quiltmaking.....


Christine Carey said...

I'll be curious to see how you quilt it! I bet it'll be pretty when you're done!

Pokey said...

Can't beat those blue, blue skies ~

Shannon said...

The quilt is lovely! I'm just finishing a quilt of Chimney Rock with NM blue skies in the background, I'v never found anywhere besides the southwest that has those skies!

Anonymous said...

Dora, I've got a question for you. When you free motion quit on your treadle, do you have to drop/cover the feed dogs at all? And what kind of foot do you use?

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