Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Robin's Song, Fabric Stacks, & Quilting Progress

"At long last," as my grandma and mom would say, Robin's Nest is on its way to the newest member of the family.

If you missed the story of Robin's Song, you can read about it here, here, here, and here.
Here's a glimpse of the border that I posted about here. (I wonder if I'll get an updated picture of the baby with her quilt.)

 I've absolutely had to fill in my stash.  I needed a border fabric for some fat quarters 

and several low volume fabrics,

 and then I ran across some low volume blues that I've needed to accompany the teacup fabric I purchased several years ago that has been languishing on my shelf for lack of accompaniment.

I do hope I have several decades left in which to continue quilting--because I'd hate to see my carefully acquired fabrics end up at a thrift store!  (I do promise not to bury them in the back yard to save my family the embarrassment of acknowledging their existence and then getting rid of them.)

While I'm waiting for more Gold Glide Thread, I'm putting in some time on the Flowerdee quilt.  (Yes, I know I need to come up with a better name.)

 I'm seldom certain how I will quilt something until the quilt is on my machine and starts talking to me.  I love that Shelli put this delicate solid plain pink in the quilt.  It really lets the quilting help it sing.
 I came up with some quick-flowing ribbons for the black, and a simple design that works well in the flowered squares, but it doesn't show up well when photographed.
Yes, I am quilting it on my treadled Necchi BU--although I'm pretty sure I need to use my Singer 15-88 treadle to quilt something really soon, because it's getting lonely.
I do love quilts with great floral fabrics although it becomes a challenge to find the right quilting pattern since the stitches won't show up well anyway.  I'm sure this quilt is going to warm someone's cold winter.

I'm linking to Connie Kresin's Freemotion by the River and Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story so you can take a look at the endeavors of other quilt makers.

Happy quiltmaking......


Rosemary said...

Beautiful quilting, as usual, Dora! I'm taking good care of the lovely dyed fabric you sent me! I love it!

Kim said...

You've been busy. Nicely done.
Love all the new stash too :0)

Happy sewing

Sue Daurio said...

what a great quilting design. Just love it!

O'Quilts said...

Yeah on the much needed new fabric. When I struggle to cut into my dearly beloved fabric favorites...My husband pretends to be calling the Goodwill...Hello, he says, she died, come now and get her favorites!!! That and my fall have me changing my ways.

Pokey said...

I really like your low volume blues, Dora. I have only cut one stack of the 56, I need to get on the ball. Back to School is this Thursday night, I'm almost ready ~

Connie said...

Beautiful quilting pattern Dora and love all the new fabrics you brought home! I think we all worry about what will happen to our fabrics.....if something happens to us! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

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