Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baking for Princesses

As we arrived home yesterday, Alexandra asked if I would make more sweet rolls.
Because it is winter, I did put them in a warm oven to rise. Since she is obsessed with television (videos only, in our household) and I was occupied elsewhere, I asked her to listen for the oven timer and take them out when they were done rising and then turn on the oven. Of course, she followed through with only the first part of that request, so I got to stay up a little later than planned while they baked.
I realized a few years ago that I do like to bake and cook, although it's not something I like for it's own sake, but rather something I like to do for people I love. I also realized that one of the things keeping me from doing more was the clean up. I'm a lot more spontaneous in my cooking now because of my DeMarle cookware--not that there aren't a lot more pieces I'd like to acquire.
I did use my daisy pan because it's just perfect for sweet rolls because they fit into the petals around the edges. I usually manage to fit the extras into the "hat." Once the contents are unmolded onto serving pieces, it takes less than a minute to have a sparkling clean baking pan. (And, if there does happen to be some food residue that doesn't just glide off in the soapy water, the pan can be turned inside out to get the last little bit.) So clean-up is a breeze.
However, sometimes I do worry about the sense of entitlement this princess sometimes displays. I tell her that if she wants to be the princess, she needs to remember to treat me like a queen. However, from my point of view, that strategy seems to be working quite imperfectly. This morning she came to me with a turned up nose and whined, "What did you put on top of the rolls?!" Reply: "Vanilla icing." "Oh," she said as she walked away.

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sanda1101 said...

Oh - my mouth is watering and I'm drooling just looking at these rolls! OK, now I have to google this bakeware which I have NEVER hear of and find out about it. It may be worth purchasing a piece - especially if it could inspire me to bake! Happy Baking! Sanda

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