Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm going to give this blogging thing another try--I found so little time over the last year to do it. I think it was the "posting pictures" thing that slowed me down.

The exterior of my house on a snowy day last weekend. One of the reasons I like this picture is because the snow obscures the pesky tumbleweeds that blew in over several days before the snow. Because we were not home until long after dark those days, they just accumulatted. I've decided not to take an "after the snow" pictures because then we had even more days of 30-60 mph winds and there are even more tumbleweeds out there. I wish my daughter would decide she needs to be outside and would drag them over to the field across the street--probably not too likely. If I put them in the garbage can, there would be no more room for garbage!
Here are more pictures of the interior:
Above is a little sitting area at one end of living room. The plan was to put handmade ornaments on the Scandinavian "stick tree." Never happened! Now I'm thinking I really should dig through my embroidered and paper heart ornaments for Valentine's day because it's pretty obvious that I'm not going to get the January snowmen on the thing!
The wall in the above picture shows some of the antique plates I've collected over the years. The exception is the center bottom plate, which was passed on to me by my mother years ago and has probably been in the Scheer family for about a century.
Above is a photo of the "stuff" on and above the piano--an oil painting my mother did, stitchery I did, the first cross-stitch I designed, and various antique plates, cups, etc. that I've collected. I love the way dust does not show in these photos! In the winter I usually turn the bookcase on the left toward the entryway into the living room. I've been stalling on getting that done--because I hate to unload all those books and then reload them--and am fortunate that we have not had the days upon days of below zero night-time temperatures that have been common in many other years.
And in the kitchen, these are the dishes that I found a few years ago at a thrift shop. Very lucky timing, very good price, and a very "partial" set--I treasure them and admit to using them only for special occasions; we used them at Christmas and New Year's day.

Lastly, the following picture shows a quilt I made years ago and planned to put on the wall as soon as I moved into this house. It took over six years to actually get it on the wall, but now it's there for me to look at whenever I sit down to knit or watch television.
I am such very, very imperfect housekeeper!!!
More soon,
Dora, the Quilter


sanda1101 said...

Dora, what a treat being able to see your home. It looks much like mine might if I were single!:) It is obvious that we like many of the same things: tea, cooking great food for special people, combing flea markets and antique shops for that certain "treasure" just to name a few. Thanks for sharing! Sanda

Dora, the Quilter said...

Thanks, Sanda. This morning as I was leaving I broke a treasure--one of the blue/white floral saucers I bought in WI last summer. It's just a "thing" but I was still so sad!--I'll give it to my friend/colleague who's collecting broken blue/white dishes to make a mosaic for her kitchen eating area.

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