Monday, January 26, 2009

Blogging the Inconsequential

One of my friends said she doesn't think she can start a blog because there's nothing exciting going on in her life. That's interesting, because one of the reasons I've been able to start a blog is because right now there is absolutely nothing in my life that can be called exciting, anxiety-provoking (well, maybe a few little things), or even interesting to anyone but me and, just maybe, to a few of the people I love. I don't want anything exciting to happen. I am so intensely grateful that my life is quiet, fairly uneventful, and in no way exciting--and I hope this lasts for a long, long time! We lived with anxiety, chaos, illness, and dysfunction for too many years. I have longed for simplicity and harmony and enjoy every delicious moment that contains them!

For what it's worth, my friend has a lot of interesting things in her life--just not the sort of thing someone might use to make a blockbuster film. However, I do think the sweet things in our lives could be used by a gifted composer to write a beautiful piece of music or by a poet to write the kind of poem that carries people away to a more pleasant place or time. I'm not a poet and not up to composing music right now, but I do love living the quiet, relatively peaceful harmonies.

Below is the pictorial record of my visit to Vitamin Cottage today between work and Alexandra's flute lesson. These purchases were the result of reading their February "Hotline" in yesterday's paper. (The same articles will probably be in their online newsletter, if they aren't already.) These things were recommended in a section on boosting energy. It will be interesting to see if they work--and how soon they make a noticeable difference. I do recognize that since I've been getting a more sane amount of sleep I do a lot better--although there have been Thursdays or Fridays when I've been ready for bed by 7:00 p.m. and asleep by 7:05. The banana bread was something my daughter just had to have because she was starving--she ate one or two bites. Of course, Vitamin Cottage is 40+ miles from home, and as we were making the return journey Alexandra said something that makes me think I should also have looked for some ferrous gluconate for her. Sometimes it is just amazing that my little girl is a teenager.

Yesterday my teenager was putting post-its on the heartshaped boxes of chocolate she's giving a few friends. Each box has a word and a cartoon such as "social" + pix of butterfly. She was trying to decide who to give each to, and I hinted that she might not want to give a boy the one that says "drama queen." Her retort was, "Mother, at my school everyone is a drama queen--even the boys!!!"


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sanda1101 said...

Dora, I love this perspective on life. It gives me a new way to think about some things. I just love your blog, and though I don't visit it often enough - I am always inspired when I do. I am really taking a hard look at how I spend my "free" time and I want to start using that time to do things that I love and that restore and refresh me. Thanks! Sanda

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