Monday, April 6, 2009

The Fishing Quilt

Here's the bottom of the fishing quilt.--I thought I had gotten the whole thing, but the bottom will have to do.
This is a detail of the one of the windmills and a detail of the feathered border--I used a variety of variegated threads for the the body of the quilt and a holographic silver for the borders.
The back of the quilt shows how I used blocks and strips to widen and lengthen one width of fabric to make it big enough for the back.
The next photo is a detail of the back of the quilt showing the quilting designs. I used Bottom Line thread in the bottom so there is no pretty or shiny stuff, but you can see the quilting lines. And, if you'd like to see any of these detail even more clearly, you can right-click on any photo in this blog, open in a new tab, and see a much bigger photo.
Mary took this quilt to sew the binding onto the back. She also did all the holding for the photographs.
I was shocked that we have only a handful of quilts left despite having dedicated a couple dozen a couple of weeks ago.
A young woman asked for a quilt for the wife of her husbands co-worker. His wife has just entered hospice. I mentioned to her that while we had begun making quilts and prayed for the person receiving it, we never realized that sometimes the quilts are handed on to others who also experience some form of healing.
She replied, "Yes, I understand. I was given a quilt last year when they told me that within a year I would be almost totally paralyzed. As you can see, I'm not."

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