Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Split Nine-Patch Windmills

These photos offer views of our church's altar rails this week at the dedication of 21 prayer quilts for people challenged by cancer and other serious health issues. Prayer quilts have been flying out of the church office in support of family, colleagues, and friends of members of our congregation.

A dozen of those 21 quilts were created from a variety of designs, but nine were the Split Nine-Patch Windmill pattern that we developed when we realized how fast the quilts were flying away and knew we had to come up with something that would give us a variety of quilts but which could also be pieced and quilted fairly quickly. (By "quickly", I'm referring to the fact that most probably took twenty to fifty hours to sew from start to finish. Only four of us pieced or quilted these quilts, although many more were involved in bindings and prayer.) Shown below are the nine Split Nine-Patch Windmills that were dedicated this week.

It would be lovely if, during the next month, everyone who needs one gets one and we still have some left over. March and April were pretty challenging for many of our members, friends, and colleagues.

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