Friday, May 7, 2010

May Whirlwinds!

End of school year craziness has begun.  Last night was the spring band concert.  Alex played Faure's Pavanne with the two other flautists.
Tonight was the band banquet.  As band historian, Alex prepared the PowerPoint presentation.  It was a big hit with the band kids (although Alex had already left for the Spring Fling dance).  I suggested we add movies of several performances--and presentation ended up being so huge that we couldn't save it to a CD--I think I need to learn to use Moviemaker!

Also in tribute to spring---
The single tulip that has been looking like it would try to bloom in my yard.
I've been keeping an eye on it since last weekend's snows and winds, hoping it would make it to the blooming stage.  I'm not sure--it's getting pretty windblown.  Maybe I should pick it and bring it inside.

I am so very ready for a weekend--although it too will be stuffed with activities!

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