Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Quilt - Butterflies and Feathers

Finally, another finish.  Actually, it's not quite finished, but I'm going to let someone else sew down the binding.
Here are some detail shots--not great shots.  I meant to take pictures last night, but then forgot and had to hurry up on take them this morning before I took my daughter to play at high school graduation.
These blocks started life as four patches that were then split each side of the center seam.  I think of them as constructed, deconstructed, reconstructed--but someone somewhere probably has a lot better name for this technique.

I used wonderful Fil-Tec Glide thread.  Fil-Tec was at the Machine Quilters' Showcase in Kansas City.  Someone who attended told me they sold out of their Glide thread within the first 24 hours. And I'm pretty sure someone told me that a certain famous quilter ordered every color they have!  They do have luscious colors. It is wonderful, wonderful thread--the kind of thread that has loved every machine and every quilt I've put it in.  I used a coppery gold for this one. I just love the way it glistens against the quilt surface and says, "This is a special quilt made with love."

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