Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready for Some "Vintage" Quilting?

Like an actress required to make her entrance down stairs so that the first things we see are her legs, Vernice makes her entrance:
Here's her head--now cleaned up and shining, although you can't see the dozens of pin scratches from the old fashioned pin-strip that must have been fastened around her sometime in the past.
She has two drawers on each side and one in the center,
a lovely face plate, 
(the tension assembly is mounted right on the face plate) 
and a spoked hand wheel.
She has a couple of spots on the wood, one to the right of the machine,  
and another near the left hinge at the back of the machine.
I thought I'd be stitching with her tonight.  I did get her top tension adjusted.  However, the wood was sooooooo hungry that once it was clean, I lavished it with lemon oil and beeswax.  I decided to let it drink up and wait until tomorrow to wipe her down.
 I'm so glad she's had some appropriate attention in her 74 years.  Someone did clean her decals with something that turned them silver, but there's a good chance she'll still be sewing in another 100 years!


Pokey said...

How Cool! Vernice is a beauty!

Valerie said...

Oh she is beautiful! I love her! Thanks for visiting me so I could find your blog. I can't wait to read more. You are very talented. I am just a beginner but I am anxious to learn.

Henrietta said...

Anything with ammonia turns decals silver, such a shame but she is lovely nonetheless.

Dora, the Quilter said...

My personal favorite for cleaning old or dirty machines is olive oil.
Some people use sewing machine oil. However, it's much more expensive--and the olive oil has the added advantage of being good for my skin.

Reminder, if you are set to "no-reply", I have no way to respond to your comments.

Thank you, dear readers.

Dolly said...

Beautiful !
I use a machine made in 1952, can I join your group? said...

Dora, can you give me the link to the Vintage Machine Quilting and Embroidery list that you referred to? I have a Necchi waiting for my attention. I hope to put it in a Singer treadle cabinet and learn FMQ. You do beautiful work!
Thanks so much,
Carol in Mid-Mich

Dora, the Quilter said...

Although the VMQ&E group was busy for a while, most of the talk has been taken back to the Treadle On list. We're probably going disband the yahoo group mentioned here because most of prefer to post to Treadle On, where there are more members and more feedback.

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