Sunday, May 23, 2010

Road Trip!

No pictures because I inadvertently left the camera at home.
Alex and I headed over to the Texas panhandle today.
We managed to find some needed wardrobe additions for 70% off.
We loved traveling through miles of spring green--usually we don't travel those routes until the world is much browner.
When we reached our destination and exited the car, we both gasped at the humidity we hadn't experienced in months!
In addition to our wardrobe additions, we came home with "Verniece"--a 1936 (I think) Singer15-88, whose original owner (of the same name) is entering assisted living with her husband.  She has a more modern sewing machine but had kept this one oiled and used it rarely.  It needs minimal cleaning.  Her son demonstrated how well it still work with its motor and controller--we drove several hours home with the smell of burning rubber--I'm guessing from the motor.  My plan is to use only the treadle anyway.
I'll try to get photos tomorrow.
I'm guessing this machine will work quite well for another hundred years.

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