Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quilt Story I - Summer Saga Details

This post has lots and lots of photos, so it will take a while to load, especially on dial-up.

Most often, this is part of the view that greeted me between six and seven a.m. when I carried my cup of coffee out to the front porch. The fog would burn off a little later in the day, but early on I loved sitting and listening and watching the surroundings. Several days there was a ground hog in the field across the road--first a very large one, later a small one. We joked that Alexandra should try getting up early, borrowing a rifle from the neighbor who had been trying to get those guys to go elsewhere, and seeing if she could scare them off. Of course, that didn't happen!

In both the start-to-finish quilts I made while there, I used Quilter's Dream, Request batting. I do love that batting! (I also often use Mountain Mist Rose.) While there was lots of vegetation in many of these prints, I did manage to use only two prints with flowers. Enjoy!

Dora, the quilter

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