Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quilt Story I - The First Summer Saga Chapter

The finished quilt, hanging off the porch at the cabin. I do have photos with more detail, but for today, I wanted to show how I quilted the scenes that I made into part of the body of the quilt. Apparently I didn't get or else deleted the scene where they were whitewashing Aunt Polly's fence, and that was my favorite!

Here's the fishing scene followed by the flying geese and four patches that help it fit into the body of the quilt.

Here are some other scenes and the quilting I used to highlight them.

I used Superior's Bottom Line thread in tan to highlight those scenes because I wanted a very fine thread that would almost disappear into the fabric. In the rest of the quilt I used a wide variety of Sulky, Superior Rainbows, and Fil-Tec thread.

I've tried to load these photos for two days and just kept getting errors, so I hope we can be error free today.

Later, I'll show details of the quilting in other areas of this quilt, but right now it's bath-time because I'm exhausted from cleaning and moving furniture. Alexandra decided that would be a great project for our first week home. I'll be thrilled when we're done and can begin to enjoy the "new" spaces. She grossly under-estimated the amount of time it would take (just like her mama!), and then she managed to get a deep cut on her thumb while opening a can (no stitches, just butterflies), so we're plugging away quite slowly. But now we need baths so we can fix a quick supper and head off to church for choir practice and youth group.

I'll try to add more pictures to the story of this quilt tomorrow!

Dora, the quilter

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