Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Saga I - Chapter 3 (Sorta)

It would be incredibly difficult not to be inspired by scenes like these. I moved to the desert from this region 21 years ago. While I don't miss having to sweep pine pollen from my car before I can drive it every spring, I do sometimes miss the green--and the trees--and the oldest mountains on Earth. Alexandra had seen the green of the Midwest, including the green hills of Wisconsin, but until we were here, she'd never really understood what the Appalachians are like. Now she does.

This was the back porch of the cabin the day I was auditioning block positions. When it was cool enough or when rain was not blowing onto the porch, I pieced and quilted there too. The day I sewed the blocks into the layout, some pretty strong breezes came up, so I decided I'd better take some photos, just in case the sheet I placed on top of the layout was blown off.
Here's to upper section of the finished quilt.
I took photos of every part of the quilt--I thought--but now realize I wish I had taken more--of course!

And here's the quilt on the porch swing:

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