Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quilt Story - Summer Saga Backing

Not much color in today's post except for the quilt's midsection, above. To see the details of the quilting on the photos of the back below, right clicking on each photo and opening in a new window or tab will yield a copy of the photo in a larger format.

Like all my machine quilts, this was quilted on my Viking/Husqvarna model 6430 purchased about a year after I graduated from college. I pieced it on my Singer Featherweight 221. (I'm still looking for a treadle machine so that I can continue to work when our power goes off--which can be frequently since our street does not have three-phase electrical lines and we're on an rural electrical co-op which gets its power from other suppliers.) All these designs are done freehand, nothing marked on the fabric--feed dogs down, many different threads, Schmetz size 90 and 100 top stitch and jeans needles. For piecing and bobbin thread on the back of the quilt I used Superior Threads Bottom Line thread.

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