Monday, July 27, 2009

Border Inspiration for Summer Song

As I was quilting the border for a small quilt [Mrs. Lebo's Kitchen], I knew I wanted to make a quilt with a red border with a fancy feather.

I had taken several fabrics from Robin Pandolph's Chateau Rococco Line for Free Spirit--so I purchased more and set about making whirligigs that I could set between borders.
Here's the finished quilt--I finished it while Alexandra and Ms. Bobbie went to see the premier of the new Harry Potter movie. Then we rushed outside and held it so I could get some pictures. This is the only complete view I have--and will not have a chance to get more since the quilt now resides in Tennessee.

Here's a detail of the gold feather quilting on the red border. (I used a gold Fil-tec thread.)

I will post more photos with details later.

Dora, the quilter

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