Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More of Blanche Potter Roberts' Tulip Quilt

But first, a photo of sleeping sweetness last week when she was home with that airborne virus.  When she saw the picture, she said, "Do you realize that when I was little, you took a picture of me sleeping under the same quilt?" I'd forgotten about that.  I think it also means I should try to do a little work on the quilts I've been dreaming of making for us ("dreaming" as in "aspiring").

And here are four pictures of Blanche Potter Roberts' Tulip quilt top now that it has triangles and borders.  I love the fact that the corners have varying types of triangles.--I also suspect that may have been the reason the top was never finished and quilted.  If so, that was the protective factor that has extended the life of the quilt and assured that it will be around to be enjoyed by at least a couple more generations of the Roberts Family.

I planned to get the backing pieced and and the quilt layered this weekend, but then I messed up one length of the backing and will have to fix it, so I folded it up to do later.

We were going to rejoice in the promise of at least a few hours of 50 degree F temperatures--but there are more winter storms headed our way!

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