Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ruth's Scripture Quilt

Ruth pieced this from a kit.  She began quilting it, but was unsure how to finish, so I offered to do it.  It was a good experience for me because I was able to create some new quilting designs.  You may be able to see some of them more clearly if you right click and open the photo in a new tab or window.

It reminded me of the second full-size quilt I finished 30 years ago, a rail fence in dark blue, light blue, and beige Wamsutta calicoes.  While I was handquilting that one, I was at my sister's house in Tennessee, and her four- or five- year old son Greg was into "Spidee Man" big time.  Many a time I would stand up to take a break from quilting and find myself totally ensnared in elaborate string spider webs!
About 20 years ago I agreed to sell that quilt to a neighbor in Gallup.  Seven years later I walked into an antique shop in Gallup and found the quilt on sale for $15!  I did not buy it back!

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Katherine's Photography said...

This quilt brings to mind with new technology, quilting with pictures would be absolutely amazing!! If I could learn how to quilt and then quilt with my own family pictures. I think I would never ever work again!! I love the words in the quilt, now if only there were family pictures to go with it. Wow. talk about *VALUE*!!!!

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