Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Judy Quilt--and an "ooooops!"

Here's another "Judy" quilt for our Victory Quilts prayer quilt ministry.The blocks are comprised of two 4-patches and two hatchets. Again, she used a variety of fabrics spanning over 20 years in manufacture date.
Here are closeups of some of the blocks so the quilting can be seen:

The previous two photos above show the two quilting designs I used in the blocks.  If you wish, you can right-click on each photo and open it in a new tab, which will give you a larger, more detailed view.
The second block is that "nut-cross-section" variation that my friend Bobbie and I copied from a 1903 Triple Irish Chain back in the 80's.  It's gone through a few variations as I've adapted it to make it more friendly for machine quilting.

Because the border was so busy and so narrow, I decided it was time for me to create something simple for narrow borders.
It's kind of a twisted cable, and as I stitched it, I envisioned a few variations for the future.  As it stands on Judy's quilt, it's extremely similar to narrow cables I hand quilted back in the days I had time and space to handquilt.

The oops is, in part, that I almost didn't realize that I hadn't published a blog post this morning.  It's been a crazy week.  Just the fact that we had a school holiday on Monday should have enabled me to predict that the week would seem long.  A couple of storms that led to school cancellations/late starts for my daughter (but not for me) added complications.  But the most serious and unexpected complication was that on Tuesday on the way home from work, when I stopped to make a purchase my daughter needed, I also stopped for a diet soft-drink.  At the time I did realize it tasted a bit different, but I just attributed that to the likelihood that the mix of soda water and flavoring was off a little.  By the next morning, I realized the "off-a-little" was really off a lot! That was the second ooops. In the middle of the night my joints swelled up to the extent that I could barely move the next day.  About 30 years ago, an extremely bright young internist realized that my body was depositing antigens in my joints.  A couple of years later I figured out that it happened only when I consumed products containing corn and its derivatives.  At that point, a trip to the grocery store became as much about sleuthing and avoiding those products as about buying food.  (The positive aspect of that is that I cook a lot "from scratch" since I know almost any product containing any form of corn will set off the reaction.)
In the intervening years even more products have substituted HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) for sugar, and corn-geneticists discovered they could genetically modify corn so that instead of needing pesticides to fight corn-borers, farmers could plant a genetically modified corn that would cause the intestines of the corn borers to explode, thereby decreasing the population of corn borers and increasing their corn yields.  They swear it has no effect on the intestines of humans. 
Unfortunately, what I've experienced over the last several days suggests otherwise.

Now I'm moving slowly and once again will be very, very careful about what I buy and consume !

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