Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mary Jane's Farm

I picked this issue up at the supermarket a few days ago.
It's a fairly new magazine that's part of Mary Jane Butter's Farm enterprises.
If you love friendly quilt blogs, finding ways to live a simpler but more meaningful life, friendly, positive people and writing, you might want to look for this magazine.
This is the second issue I've found, and, as much as I love magazines, I was still surprised to realize that this was one in which I read almost every word and will undoubtedly reread it a few times!  Not often I find a magazine I enjoy that much or in which even the advertisements are new and interesting.
This one also contained a rather interesting article on treadle sewing machines. Fortunately, it used a machine I'm familiar with, so it didn't make me wish I could sew on that one too.  However, I'll admit that I'm really starting to long for a handcrank machine I could carry with me when I need to sew places other than home.

1 comment:

Susan said...

This magazine was passed around at our guild meeting Monday night and you're right, it has a wealth of information in it! It's one that I'll be picking up at the newsstand for sure!

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