Monday, January 25, 2010

Something Old and New

A couple of decades ago I could not imagine that [with the exception of Nine-Patches] I'd ever use the same pattern or block twice.  About 15 years ago I figured out how to cut identical patches from several layers of fabrics.  That was about the same time Bethany Reynolds was developing her Stack'n'Whack method.--But we lived on opposite ends of the country and had never heard of each other.  She usually worked with eight layers of fabrics; I worked with six.
I've lost track of how many quilts I've made with this method.  I still have some I've made, and I've made several for gifts for others.  I've always used my own hand-dyed fabrics for the triangles between the kaleidoscopes, and have used several variations of sets.
In fact, I recently finished the binding on a blue and yellow kaleidoscope quilt that I had begun quilting in Tennessee last summer.  (That will be the subject of a later post.)
I remember that the Hoffman print in the photo above was purchased on a trip to Illinois in 2000.  I don't remember when I began cutting and piecing the patches.  They've been sitting in a plastic box for several years.  (Hey, at least they weren't a PIG [project in grocery sack]!)
Now I'm working on getting them sewn into strips and am thinking about how I'll set the strips together.  This will be a lap quilt--good for reading or watching TV. I need to get some of these quilt tops finished and quilted or they might be confused with aging wine or brandy!

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Susan said...

It seems like there are a lot of us quilters thinking about the projects that are taking up space in our sewing room closets these days! I'm working on trying to get some UFO's finished up too!

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