Monday, January 18, 2010

A Second Look at a Trio of Victory Quilts

First is Cowboy Boots for a young friend. It was created using my Nine-Patch Windmills pattern.

The second is Winter Wonders, which went to Larry Gallegos, who underwent his second round of neurosurgery a week ago and is recovering well. I thought I'd make a second one, then changed my mind and gave the rest of the yardage with the lovely winter pictures to another member of our prayer group.

The third is the Sanctuary prayer quilt made for my youngest brother.

I love the bird & fruit or orchard fabric in this quilt but hung onto it for over a year before I figured out how to use it.  The triangles in the sawtooth border are made from the "excess" triangles I trimmed from the star points.  I hope Thomas finds it comforting.

Today I'm quilting an absolutely wonderful "Flower Shop" quilt made by Judy.  I'll try to show pictures of it later in the week.

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