Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More of Dolly's Baskets

Here's the quilt on the bed.  This set is intriguing but I'm not sure it can be easily seen by someone who doesn't know what it is.  I do hope that someday I can have a good place to take quilt pictures!

Next are some of the basket from the quilts done in each set of fabrics.

And here is as much of the center quartet of baskets as I could get:

A little more quilting detail:

And a couple of border closeups:

Now that I've had so much more experience quilting now, due in large part to all the Victory Quilts I've worked on, that I know that with the kinds of batting I use, I really don't need to do that incredibly heavy background quilting around the feathers.
The batting: In this quilt I used Warm 'n' Natural.  Nowadays I use Mountain Mist White Rose or Quilter's Dream


Robin Hill Quilts said...

Your grandmother Dolly would love this quilt!! Your quilting is beautiful!

Dora, the Quilter said...

Thanks, Eileen. I hope so. I was never able to find out if she had done any quilting herself, although we knew she pieced and appliqued.

Shelly said...

The quilt is gorgeous . . . the quilting is gorgeous. Your grandmother would be so proud! If she's anything like my grandmother, she's proud of you no matter what anyway! Congrats on a wonderful finish -- what a great heirloom you've just created!

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