Saturday, February 4, 2012

Home Sights

Miss Harriet has been after me to post some pictures from my home.  Since it's been over a month since I posted and since I've not finished a quilt, her wish is granted.  Mind you, she's been asking for many months, and I just haven't managed it.  I decided to put a new quilt on my bed today--needed a change of quilt to inspire me to wait for spring.  Right now our winter is much milder than last year (about this time last year we had a low of -34 F).

 This quilt is "Dolly's Baskets." I dreamed about it for years before I started it in 2002 (with fabric I'd been collecting for 10 years).  I finished it in 2007--hard to believe it's been finished for five years!
It was inspired by a similar basket quilt of solid white and solid violet made by my paternal grandmother in the early 20th century.  When I saw this set on a Mennonite quilt from the same period, I wanted to use it because of all the lovely spaces for quilting--feathers, of course!
I do love the haven my home, and especially, my bedroom, provides.  (And, yes, I know my bedside table is cluttered. Sorry.)  That table was part of the red maple bedroom set in my room when I was a child.  I painted it white 20 years or so ago--and have never regretted it.

 The pillowcases are lonely singles I've collected over the last 15 or 20 years--maybe longer.

 I do love boxes.  I've loved and collected boxes since I was in primary school.
Of course, I have no trouble filling them up!
The bed and armoire as well as the dresser that's not pictured are from a furniture series that was for many years the most popular one in the U.S. I painted the bedroom furniture white about ten years ago--it was a menopausal thing, I think.  I just couldn't get enough light into my life.

I also purchased other furnishings from the same line. I gave away the TV/stereo armoire because it was just too big for my small house.  I have a farm table from the same line, although I now use it in my sewing studio. I have two chairs from the line too.  They've not been painted white, but I did recover their cushions with a very small lavender and white plaid a few weeks ago.

After I added sweet LED lights to the kitchen for the holidays, I decided to leave them up.  See that ugly florescent light fixture?  I really dislike it.  I don't know what era it's from, but I'm certain its era was long before the house was built.  Someday it will be replaced, but for now the other lights are bright enough to make our meals very pleasant.
Okay, those are a few sights from my home/haven.

I did finish quilting my great nephew's John Deere quilt, but I want to get the binding on before I show it--and I haven't even cut the binding yet. I'm suddenly behind on children's and baby's quilts--one of my nieces gave birth to a daughter this past Tuesday [they sent a picture to my phone, but since I have pins with heads bigger than the baby's photo, I'm not quite sure what she looks like]; one of my former kindergarten students will soon have a daughter; and one of the members of my youth choir from 20+ years ago is about to have a son, her third.

I do need to figure out a way to get more quilting time into this busy, tiring winter!
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