Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Fil-Tec Glide Thread

I've had a few struggles lately while choosing thread for quilts made by others in our Victory Quilt Group.  So. at our last gathering, I looked at some of the tops others were working on and some of the fabric they were choosing, looked at some of the fabrics I'm planning to use and some of the quiltops I have waiting, and then placed another order for Fil-Tec Glide threads.  The person from whom I'd bought these threads for a couple of years stopped stocking them to make room for other merchandise, so I did a web search for Fil-Tec threads.  They are available at, a site from which many threads as well as machine needles and disposable loaded bobbins can be purchased.  (They also have a Facebook page.)

Why would I do a post about this thread?  While this thread was designed for machine embroidery, I use it for quilting.  I love the range of colors (free color card with initial order if you let them know you want one).  I really love the way it glides through my machine and needle.  I love the size of the spools and the fact that it works so well in the bobbin too.  I love the way this thread glistens on the quilt top. More than any other color, I use one of their beautiful golds that is even better than the metallics  I used to use.

Furthermore, Fil-Tec/Bobbin Central has a special for February for 10% off  Glide thread.

They have an extremely high level of customer service.  They fill orders rapidly.  (For me the only downside is the time it takes for UPS to carry it across the country--so I need to allow a week from the time I order.)

I have no financial connection with them at all (except for sending them money when I order from them).

I keep telling myself I'll take some pictures of quilts I've made over the last few decades and post about them, but time has been so crunched that I haven't managed to do that--yet.  I'll get to it.

Happy quiltmaking.......

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Anonymous said...

I just got back from Machine Quilters Showcase in Overland Park Kansas. The buzz word there was Glide Thread. They ran out the first night of shopping! Karen McTavish ordered the whole line. I just received three cones.Can't wait to try it.

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